The Star Crumbles – The Ghost of Dancing Slow (2022)

The Ghost of Dancing Slow (2022) by The Star Crumbles

A new epic Indie Rock Album from United States (Philadelphia).

Check out this new Album released on 07-10-2022 and share your feedback with others. Let’s give a proper shoutout to The Star Crumbles!

The Star Crumbles‘s exclusive narration of this Album:

Rumor has it that The Star Crumbles recorded The Ghost of Dancing Slow in the 1980s but were unable to release it due to ongoing legal wrangling with their label, who shall go unnamed. If the tunes sound a little familiar, it's probably because they are!

The Star Crumbles
Release info
Release info
Artist nameThe Star Crumbles
Release titleThe Ghost of Dancing Slow
Release typeFull-Length Album (LP)
Release date07-10-2022
Music genreRock (subscribe)
SubgenreIndie Rock
CountryUnited States
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