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We are a small team of a few people who invests their private time to do something useful and valuable for music lovers around the globe.

We strive to create an easily applicable, accessible, yet free-of-charge possibility for independent musicians to share their music with music lovers, extend their fan base and raise some money to support their career development.

We are a nonprofit site that relies on support from music creators and music lovers like you! Let’s bring in more music to our lives, as “Life seems to go on without effort when we are filled with music” – George Eliot.

You can sustain our mission by donating a little pocket change!

Please help us to help others! You can support us via Patreon or buy our team a coffee, so we can stay sharp and focus on new cool things to deliver! Even a small donation makes a big difference!

Non-financial support

You can support us non-financially, too! If you’d like to step in and help us to develop, please consider following us on social media, recommending us to friends, referring people to us through your social accounts, liking and sharing our posts, and sharing with us your improvement ideas and development opportunities via this contact form.

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