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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is neptune?

Neptune (abbr. form of “new epic tune”) is a brief release announcement with the essential information about release and short authentic story behind it.

Why neptunes work better?

Neptunes are concise and informative yet spiced up with an exclusive narration by the release authors themselves, which markedly enriches the information.

Why use myneptunes.com?

We’re featuring music on our social accounts, so music fans can find a fresh sound and discover awesome coming up artists quick & easy.

We also let artists to share their music along with the purchase links, so fans can buy their music and support their career development.

Who uses myneptunes.com?

We are a good choice for solo artists, bands, DJs, music experimenters and other independent creators who record music at home or in the studio.

And for those who love discovering new music for their awesome playlists, too.

How much will it cost me?

Our site is straightforward, intuitive and still free of charge, so don’t miss your chance and submit your epic tunes now.

Or discover new epic tunes with a fresh sound of music bands & artists around the globe or the one right next door to you!

About us

We are a small team of enthusiasts who invest their time to do something useful and valuable for music lovers worldwide.

We’ve begun our journey as an amateur music band who wanted to promote themselves online. While we were trying to get our band listed on well-known music platforms, we’ve started working on our own music website to become more flexible and independent on the way we position our music.

So, after plenty changes of the concept and strategies, we are finally ready to share with our fellow musicians and music lovers around the globe the tool intended to help them find each other.

We are neptunes.
We help both listeners and musicians to find each other via discoverable neptunes.
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