Lewis Tivey – Bittersweet (2022)

Bittersweet (2022) by Lewis Tivey

A new epic Rock EP from United Kingdom (Burton Upon Trent).

Check out this new EP released on 28-04-2022 and share your feedback with others. Let’s give a proper shoutout to Lewis Tivey!

Lewis Tivey‘s exclusive narration of this EP:

After a hiatus from the music scene, Bittersweet is my debut EP as a solo artist. My passion is the capturing the energy of a live performance. The process of recording and mixing is quite a long process because apart from the drums, I play everything else and mix it myself.

Lewis Tivey
Release info
Release info
Artist nameLewis Tivey
Release titleBittersweet
Release typeExtended Play (EP)
Release date28-04-2022
Music genreRock (subscribe)
SubgenreAlternative Rock
CountryUnited Kingdom
CityBurton Upon Trent
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