Lehi – Shut The Door (2024)

Lehi - Shut The Door (2024)
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Shut The Door (2024) by Lehi

A new epic Pop Single from United Kingdom (Hartlepool).

Check out this new Single released on 2024-01-26 and share your feedback with others. Let’s give a proper shoutout to Lehi!

Lehi‘s exclusive narration of this Single:

Dealing with a breakup and the emotions experienced whilst doing so. Lyrically this song picks up where the debut left off. Rejected by a girl, the boy in the song attempts to find out what he did wrong, whilst continuing to be ignored, before vowing to move...

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Release info
Release info
Artist nameLehi
Release titleShut The Door
Release typeSingle
Release date2024-01-26
Music genrePop (subscribe)
CountryUnited Kingdom
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