Kian Dray – Fraudulent Scum Not Welcome, Vol. 1 (2023)

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Fraudulent Scum Not Welcome, Vol. 1 (2023) by Kian Dray

A new epic Metal Album from United Kingdom (Chatham).

Check out this new Album released on 2023-04-17 and share your feedback with others. Let’s give a proper shoutout to Kian Dray!

Kian Dray‘s exclusive narration of this Album:

This most recent work is set all the way in the 2080s and tells the story of a legendary cyberpunk mercenary, who exposes the many fraudulent practices of the mega corporations that prevail in the increasingly dystopian landscape.

Kian Dray
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Kian Dray

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Release info
Release info
Artist nameKian Dray
Release titleFraudulent Scum Not Welcome, Vol. 1
Release typeFull-Length Album (LP)
Release date2023-04-17
Music genreMetal (subscribe)
CountryUnited Kingdom
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