Garlen Lo – Captain Elon (2023)

Captain Elon (2023) by Garlen Lo

A new epic Pop Single from United Kingdom (London).

Check out this new Single released on 01-02-2023 and share your feedback with others. Let’s give a proper shoutout to Garlen Lo!

Garlen Lo‘s exclusive narration of this Single:

Debut song from Garlen Lo. A happy-sad-hopeful-satirical all-in-one. A state of the world reflection: AI robots, climate change, fake news, and online power. Only one person can save us...

Garlen Lo
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Garlen Lo

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Release info
Release info
Artist nameGarlen Lo
Release titleCaptain Elon
Release typeSingle
Release date01-02-2023
Music genrePop
CountryUnited Kingdom
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