8 tips on how to come up with a new style of music

8 tips on how to come up with a new style of music
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The article provides advice and guidance for musicians who are looking to develop their own unique musical style. It offers eight tips, including exploring different genres, experimenting with different instruments and sounds, and collaborating with other musicians. The article’s potential usefulness for readers is that it provides practical tips for musicians who are looking to create music that stands out from the crowd and helps them to develop their own artistic voice.

Music is like scientific progress that is constantly moving forward. New styles keep appearing. So go ahead and create something new!

And do not get upset if you won’t achieve everything at once. Even rock and jazz at their beginnings have been taken negatively. Who knows, maybe in one hundred years some of your styles will become new classics.

Here are tips on how to come up with a new style of music:

  1. Learn to play musical instruments.
    • You need to evolve your ideas on some instrument.
    • Learning the basics of playing the guitar should be an effective way since the guitar is the most resourceful instrument.
    • If you don’t like playing guitar, learn how to play the piano.
  2. Do research.
    • Listen to a lot of music. You have to ask yourself what you really like.
    • Practice musical criticism and learn to appreciate every genre (from Classic music to Death Metal, Rap, or Experimental).
  3. Train your ears.
    • Listen to everything that surrounds you.
    • Focus on the sounds that do not necessarily have to come from the instrument, and listen to the music of our daily life.
    • Get inspiration from unusual things.
  4. Learn.
    • Read about legends of the past, and learn from them.
    • Find out what Jimmy Hendrix did, who Jelly Roll is, and why you hear the name Chuck Berry so often. These are people from whom you should learn.
  5. Drop the limits.
    • Choose your favorite music genre and explore it to the maximum.
    • Study all its sub-genres and history that influenced its formation, its performers, and listeners.
    • Even the most modern genres came from others. Heavy Metal came from Psychedelic, Psychedelic from Rock, and Rock from Blues.
    • Try to see a picture of where you are and where you would like to go with your music.
  6. Jam with other musicians.
    • Neither music style is fixated on one specific instrument.
    • Try to get together with other musicians and create a combination of diverse sounds.
    • Try making a new beat model or something that sounds weird.
  7. Be well prepared.
    • Read music theory regularly. You will discover many new aspects of music that have never been studied before. Keys that almost never appear in modern music, modes that did not find the right accompaniment, etc.
  8. Fusion.
    • Again, many music genres came from other genres. And you can get a good result by harmonizing the different types of sounds that you actually like.
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