6xDeadly6Moonx6 – Heaven’s Gate (2023)

6xDeadly6Moonx6 - Heaven's Gate (2023)
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Heaven's Gate (2023) by 6xDeadly6Moonx6

A new epic Pop Single from United States (Atlanta).

Check out this new Single released on 31-01-2023 and share your feedback with others. Let’s give a proper shoutout to 6xDeadly6Moonx6!

6xDeadly6Moonx6‘s exclusive narration of this Single:

I wrote this song for my Stepfather who is battling cancer. I never could open up to him just like I never could with my birth father. Trust issues and daddy issues. I kept thinking I had tomorrow to fix it but tomorrow could bring sorrow.

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Pen Name Moon
A independent artist that does her own instrumentals / beats, lyrics, vocals, and recording. She states she is more spoken word vocal wise. She has released multiple tracks. Everything she writes either aims to change perceptions in order to build a better future with peace, or it tells a story about her life and experiences. She has many titles, Author, wildlife rehabilitator, child and education advocate, content creator, brand ambassador, influencer, affiliate, worldwide education charity founder, medical professional, animation video creator, google developer, RP teacher, producer, musician, radio DJ, ordained minister, independent label, and more.

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Release info
Release infoRelease credits
Artist name6xDeadly6Moonx6
Release titleHeaven's Gate
Release typeSingle
Release date31-01-2023
Music genreRock (subscribe)
CountryUnited States
Producer6xDeadly6Moonx6 ~ Kristen Poulter
Composer6xDeadly6Moonx6 ~ Kristen Poulter
Lyricist6xDeadly6Moonx6 ~ Kristen Poulter
Artwork By6xDeadly6Moonx6 ~ Kristen Poulter
Featuring artistn/a
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