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Latest update: 23-Jul-2023

Release submission guide

General guidelines for release submission

  • To submit your release you need to be registered and logged in. Please, go to this page if you’re not registered or logged in yet, then complete the submission procedure.
  • For release submission no announcements allowed – just the released material. Please, submit your music only after its actual release. For teaser video submission please follow these guidelines.
  • You can submit various types of releases: Singles, Extended Plays (EP), or Full-length Albums (LP). Just make sure you’re putting the correct type into the submission form.
  • The default language of our site is English. However, we welcome releases in any language. Please, do not translate or transliterate Artist names and Release titles.
  • You should be an owner of the material – no proxies, assistants, or secretaries in the process. We allow only one Artist per account and appreciate the “Artist to Fans” attitude!

Submission form overview

Artist name
  • This should be the stage name of the Artist or Band, not the real name of the person who submits the release.
  • Capitalize the first letter of every word in the Artist’s name. Do not use upper‐case, unless unique letter-casing is intended (e.g. you use an abbreviation as a name).
Release title
  • Similar to the Artist’s name – do not use upper‐case, unless it’s intended.
  • Do not use quotation marks around the Release title.
Release genre and sub-genre
  • The Release genre is a predefined list of general music genres according to a high-level classification of music.
  • Use the Release sub-genre field if you want to specify your music style – provide here a specific music style or sub-genre of your release. Don’t make it overcomplicated. Stick to the typical music genre classification to not confuse your fans with fancy non-existing terms.
Release type
  • You can submit various types of releases, such as Single, Extended Play (EP), or Full-length Album:
    • A Single is typically a stand-alone song that is released on its own or a collection of two to three tracks.
    • An Extended Play (EP) is a compilation of approximately three to five songs. It’s too long to qualify as a Single and too short to qualify as a Full-length Album.
    • Full-length Album (LP) is a complex project of an artist or a band that contains original tracks and usually consists of about nine to twelve songs.
  • Please, make sure you’re filling in the correct type of your release: If you’re submitting Single, you need to provide the inputs relevant to that exact Single (including the authentic story behind it and the pre-listening and purchase link that takes users to it directly).
Release date
  • Here, enter the date the release was actually released. THIS IS NOT A SUBMISSION DATE.
  • Please, submit only new releases (not older than 6 months) to let music fans discover only new epic tunes of yours. Leave your old songs to the legacy libraries! Be honest with us and your potential fans!
Pre-listening and Purchase links
  • We approve links from these sources only: SoundCloud, Bandcamp, Spotify, AudioMack, YouTube, Apple Music, Deezer, Napster, Tidal, ReverbNation, and Loudly. Please, do not provide the links to the services that are not listed here.
  • Only one link will be published (if you submit a link to a page with few streaming services, we will publish only one of them on our choice).
  • We are not accepting official or fan page links from social media or artists’ official sites.
  • For Pre-listening links, we accept only embeddable links (the ones that allow embedding playlists to our site, such as SoundCloud, Bandcamp, YouTube, Spotify, etc.).
  • All links should lead directly to the submitted release (Single, EP, or LP), not to Artist’s profile or root catalogs.
Country and City
  • This is the home country and city of the band, not the one the release was released in.
  • This is helpful for music fans that are looking for e.g. new local artists and bands to listen to.
The Story behind the release
  • Share the inspirational and exciting story behind your release – what has inspired you to write the song, its lyrics, melody, what challenges you faced, funny or sad story linked to the material – anything that your listeners would find interesting, inspiring or hilarious. Talk to your fans!
  • Make sure you’re filling in the information relevant to the selected release type.
  • Don’t go into too much depth. The field has a limited length to keep you focused and concise. Do not include your bio here!
  • And make sure you take the time to proofread your submission before sending it out.
Social media submit

You can get your music featured on our social media accounts. Use our audience to build up your fan base and increase your reach worldwide! Gain exposure and new audiences listening to your music!

  • To get featured for free, you must subscribe to our Twitter account first – @Neptunes Digest. Our moderators will be verifying this before Tweet publication.
  • The published Tweet with your release might consist of a short description, hashtags, emojis, and a link to the release on our site (
  • Your release must comply with Twitter’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
  • To get featured for free, you must subscribe to our Bluesky account first – Our moderators will be verifying this before post publication.
  • The published post with your release might consist of a short description, hashtags, emojis, and a link to the release on our site (
  • Your release must comply with Bluesky’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
Release cover image
  • Make sure you include the release cover (artwork), preferably 450x450px in size and in JPG format. Please, ensure a 1:1 aspect ratio (square image).
  • It is recommended that you own the copyright to the artwork, so we won’t be forced to take it down if an actual owner reports a copyright violation.
  • You can choose to use images other than the release/album cover (e.g. artist’s photo) if it’s relevant and better fits the release when compared to the cover image (especially, if you are submitting singles).

What happens after submission

  • All of the release submissions are falling into our review pool and are sorted by the date and time of the submission.
  • Because the number of submissions could be really overwhelming, the daily capacity of releases overview is limited – we can submit no more than 10 releases per day.
  • Please, allow time for our moderators to review your submission considering the limited capacity and the high number of submissions.
  • Typically, the approved releases are published within 3-5 working days, but in certain cases, the publication process might be extended up to 7-10 days.
  • We reserve the right to decline submissions. While we want to give everybody a chance, we still can decline submissions under certain circumstances.
  • If you submit music to us that we do not accept for publication, please understand that our decision to decline the release is based upon a variety of factors.
  • If you feel like your submission has been declined unfairly, please contact us via this contact form for detailed clarification. Please note that our focus is music submission, and not providing a justification for the decline, therefore, the response might take some time. Please, be penitent.
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Teaser video submission guide

All general submission guidelines listed above are applicable for relevant elements of the Teaser video submission form unless stated otherwise.

The below guidelines are specific to the Teaser video submissions only.

Specific requirements for the Teaser video submission form

  • Unlike the Release submission form, the Release date in the Teaser submission form should be a future date.
  • You can submit the pre-save link, so your fans can pre-save or pre-order your future release before it’s live. Please, submit the links from well-known services only – we are not publishing links from unknown services and/or artists’ official sites.

Requirements for Teaser video file

  • We are not storing the submitted files and not spreading them outside of our site and our Social media accounts – all the video materials submitted via the Teaser video submission form are deleted from our site as soon as we upload them to the Social Media platforms of your choice.
  • By submitting the video file you are confirming that you own the material and have appropriate rights to ask us to publish the video on our site and Social media accounts.
  • The teaser video’s max weight is 100 Mb.
  • Teaser video duration: min 15 sec. / max 60 sec.

Social media platform requirements

  • Uploaded material should be compliant with the respective Social media platforms’ Terms of Service and Privacy Policies.
  • Video cannot consist of direct advertisement and commercial offers – only release announcement info, upcoming release details, and the list of the platforms where the release will go live allowed.
  • To get featured for free, you must subscribe to the respective Social media accounts first – Twitter: @Neptunes Digest, YouTube @Neptunes Digest, TikTok: @Neptune Digest. Our moderators will be verifying this before publication.
Now, let’s submit your teaser videos!
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